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These rules apply to Cavendish Beach Music Festival Weekend only ARITZA & MODA

  • Use of legalized Cannabis will  NOT BE PERMITTED ON or AT ARITZA OR MODA.

  • Vaping or Smoking is to be done in designated areas only.

  • Quiet time is 12 midnight to 8 am

  • Absolutely no outdoor entertainment, decks of any kind or fire pits after midnight

  • Those staying with us will be required to wear bracelets. Thursday/Friday/Sat/ Sunday only those with bracelets are allowed on the property

  • No offsite visitors allowed from Thursday  8 PM until Monday 11 am

  • Maximum 4 Vehicles per property

  • Guests must register upon arrival and guests my not exceed sleeping arrangements, (if the home sleeps 10 you are allowed 10 guests) if you are found with unregistered guests you may be evicted from the property with no refund

  • Only registered guests are allowed on properties

Booking Policy CBMF 2023

  • The deposit for the residence is separate from the damage deposit. Damage Deposits are refunded within 24 hours of stay departure . This box is your responsibility to check in the booking process, if you book and do not submit the damage deposit, your reservation will be cancelled. Reservations & Deposits are NON-Transferable to other persons YOU CAN'T SELL YOUR RESERVATION

  • Upon arrival, ALL occupants must check in with staff and each occupant provide photo ID

  • Names and age of each person to stay is required upon booking. You must be 25 years of age to book

  • Deposit must be paid by the PayPal Link at the time of booking. This account must belong to someone staying in the residence, this is how your refund will be issued.

  • The Non-Refundable Deposit is due with each booking at time of booking;  (unless booking prior to February 1  the concert year. You will receive a full refund up to January 31st) and is calculated at that time. Balance is due 60 days before arrival on May 4th, 2023. You will receive a final invoice via email. The Damage Deposit is returned 24 hours after your stay to the email we have on file

  • The person who's name is on the reservation is responsible for the home and/or damage

  • Access to the ARITZA or MODA will NOT be given until the person who  booked has arrived and registered.  Everyone arriving later is required to check in immediately upon arriving.

  •  Only the # of people the home will accommodate are allowed to stay in the home, no more.

  • You cannot sell your reservation to another person should you have to cancel. Reservations/deposits are non-transferable.

  • For Cancellations made before May 4th, 2023  you will lose the $ non-refundable deposit you paid.

  • For Cancellations after May 4th, 2023 you will receive a full refund of the damage deposit only.

  • If you leave before your reservation has ended, you will NOT receive any refund


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