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Aritza's sister home also located among the rolling hills of New Glasgow. Just steps away from the Glasgow Hills Golf course and the PEI Preserve Company. A perfect golf retreat or family getaway. Bold and beautiful, just like Aritza  this home boasts two luxurious en-suites  with private balconies. Unlike Aritza, you will find two Queen Beds in ensuite 1 as well as the second bedroom and one King Bed in ensuite 2 providing more comfort for larger families.  Exclusive pool use, and shared fire pit with Aritza.

DSC_0195 copy.jpg

Welcome to Moda, she is all clean lines, a whole lot of sass, and a little bit tea time. This entire home is located among the rolling hills of New Glasgow. Just like Aritza steps away from Glasgow Hills Golf Course, the PEI Preserve Company, The Mill in New. Glasgow and the famous Toy Company. Perfect for a Golf retreat or a Family get away. An open main living area features a grand entertaining area. The first floor includes one bedroom with two queen beds, and one full bathroom. The upstairs features two bedrooms one with a  king bed, a roll away and a walk in closet. The other with two queen beds. Each boasting a luxurious en-suite and perfect elevation for the private balconies.  She is bright and airy with a touch of class, just perfect for your family vacation.


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